How to install FastPhotoTagger

This article has been written to help readers of Who Do You Think You Are? magazine with downloading and installing the free FastPhotoTagger tool for Windows PCs.

Step 1: Download and install Java

Go the Java homepage (click here) and click the red Java download button. Ignore any warnings about incompatibilties with your web browser – FastPhotoTagger is an offline application – and click Agree and Start Free Download. Save the installer file (‘jre-8u251-windows-x64’ or similar) to your hard drive. Once downloaded, double-click the file and run through the setup wizard.

Step 2: Download FastPhotoTagger

Head over to the FastPhotoTagger home page (click here) and click the green Download button, saving ‘’ or similar to your Downloads folder. Again, once downloaded, right-click the zip file and choose Extract All. Click Extract and the program files will appear in a new window.

Step 3: Download ExifTool

FastPhotoTagger uses a program called ExifTool to function. Go to the ExifTool homepage (click here) and click the link marked Windows executable, saving the file (‘’ or similar) to your Downloads folder. Right-click the downloaded zip file and choose Extract All. Click Extract and a new File Explorer window will appear showing a single file: exiftool(-k) or exiftool(-k).exe.

Step 4: Configure ExifTool

Right-click the exiftool(-k) file and choose Rename. Remove the (-k) part to rename it to exiftool or exiftool.exe. Now move this file into the FastPhotoTagger folder.

Step 5: Launch FastPhotoTagger

Double-click the FastPhotoTagger application file. Choose English (United States) from the drop-down menu. Next, use the File picker to browse to your FastPhotoTagger folder where you should find exiftool.exe. Select this and click Open. The program should now launch.

You should only need to do this once – the next time you launch the program it should go straight to the main screen.