Flashback: SFX

In these uncertain times, and with my work cut back along with just about everyone else, I thought it might be fun to look back on some of my career ‘highlights’.

When Future Publishing launched SFX in 1995, I was still a fledgling writer, just one year out of university and with only two freelance credits (Arcane and Amiga Format magazines) to my name alongside my regular work on ST Format.

When SFX launched, I knew I had to get involved somehow, and during the magazine’s early years I used to feature regularly – usually with book (or the odd video) reviews, or as part of the Couch Potato team. And then, huge news: I was tasked with interviewing Red Dwarf’s Rob Grant, who’d recently left the show and released his first solo RD book, the excellent Backwards.

The fruits of my labours, which were made part of the magazine’s main feature on the upcoming Red Dwarf VII, were published in the July 1996 issue (SFX #14). I carried on writing for the magazine for a couple of years (including co-writing my first ‘book’, a cover-mounted episode guide to Lois and Clark with my very good friend Cav Scott – wonder what happened to him?), but when I joined its short-lived sister title Cult TV as production editor, we found ourselves banned from freelancing for the title. I fell off the wagon and like so many things in life, failed to rouse myself to try and get back on after I left Cult TV. One of my (many) character flaws…