Windows Help & Advice 174

It is with great sadness that I present the 174th issue of Windows Help & Advice, for it is the magazine’s last. It launched as the Official Microsoft Windows Vista Magazine in 2007 and morphed through several title changes as the ‘official’ status was moved to a new (and ultimately unsuccessful) launch, leaving Windows Help & Advice to defy all the odds and reach 2020.

I was a slow starter on the magazine, but contributed an ever-growing number of tutorials and features (along with Support Squad) to finally end up writing the lead feature on a regular basis from around 2017 onwards. It will leave a huge hole in my working life (and wallet!) – perhaps the biggest since PC Answers closed back in 2010. Thankfully I did learn one lesson from that, namely to never (again) rely on a single magazine for half your monthly income.

It ends on a strong note, recommended reading for all Windows users. I contributed the lead feature – a guide to securing your PC against the latest kinds of threats, from ransomware to the re-emergence of adware – along with my regular Q&A Support Squad column.

The magazine also features my recently written Data Crow tutorial for Maximum PC, plus my guide to recording a digital diary using the free Lifeograph tool, adapted from Linux Format.

Order for your copy for the princely sum of £5.99, including postage from Future’s official website.